Another Marvel Two-in-One commission for the MTIO Guy, my 12th, this time another faux cover for his What-if? MTIO issue (“King-size#9”) with the Thing teaming up with John Carter, Warlord of Mars against the Brotherhood of the Badoon (last time it was by Scott McDaniel with Werewolf by Night thrown into the mix as well). It’s my third shot at Ian’s pencils, and for this image he seemed to be channeling both Alan Davis and Brett Booth. This is my 19th Thing commission, second John Carter and third Badoon appearance in the Bob Almond commission gallery.

For this 11X17 art on 2-ply board I used brush, a lot of marker, a little bit of Hunt 102 quill and white dot zip for the planets. I completed this 10/3/12.

Ian Richardson on DeviantArt:

Ian’s pencils

Bob’s inks