Welcome to DAMON OWENS’ 50th commission inked by me and what a doozy to celebrate the occasion! All 42 members of this multi-publisher team creation, The Brotherhood, this image is an homage to the diptych cover to 2006’s JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 by Ed & Mariah Benes. Sal & I are flattered to receive the honors and it was a lot of fun to do so many different characters even though it took a lifetime to complete. My 5th Brotherhood job, the image is 20″X15.5″ and I inked it with brush & markers. It was finished by January 29, 2008. For the full rollcall, please click for Damon’s CAF gallery entry list.

Sal’s pencil art

Bob’s ink art

Original published source-2006 Justice League of America #1 by Ed & Mariah Benes