Kriss Palma’s fourth job for me consisted of a Thor by Paul Abrams who I’ve inked once before on a Supergirl commission. Thanks to my gallery chronicler Damon and his homework, this is my fourth solo Thor commission.

For this image I was asked to turn the run of the mill clouds in the background into storm clouds. I decided to do that with added lightning as, after all, we’re dealing with the God of Thunder! I inked Thor with mostly brush and Pitt brush marker and only a little bit with other markers; I used a Hunt 102 quill for the lines on his cape. For the background I used brush for a drybrush textural effect for the nimbus clouds (greyer ink towards to back on top) along with white paint spatter, black ink finger smudges and white paint finger smudges to capture the lightning, energy, smoke, etc.

This 11X17 ink work on 2-ply Kubert board was completed on 4/23/13.

Paul Abrams’ DeviantArt page:

Paul’s pencils

Bob’s inks