Commission #69 from Damon Owens returns us to his ‘West Wing’ theme, my third time at that. The Marvel western heroes (with regular titles published from the golden-age of comics (1950s) through the 1960’s silver-age until the bronze-age (70’s-early ’80s) depicted in his personal ‘Magnificent Seven’ team are (clockwise starting from the top left) Outlaw Kid, Ringo Kid, Red Wolf, Kid Colt, Reno Jones, Rawhide Kid and Two-Gun Kid. This is my tenth go at inking Val Semeiks’ pencil art on 11X17 2-ply Marvel board and I had a ball as usual. I used micronmarkers, Pitt markers including the brush one, Raphael Kolinsky sable brush (8404) size 2, and white ink spatter to hive these cowboys and warriors some extra grit. I concluded this rodeo ride on 10/12/12.

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