I hadn’t heard from client Steven Berry since a commission I did for him on page 1 of my gallery 5 years earlier. This time he asked me to embellish a loose drawing he rendered himself of Thanos, in an homage to the image by George Perez on the cover of INFINITY GAUNTLET v1 #4 from back in 1991. He composed the background image by adding Eternity, Death and the moon of Titan exploding. I played up the Perez-inspired image by redrawing and tweaking aspects of it and I adjusted the Infinity Gems placement on the glove. The commission was inked with brush, markers, white & black drybrush, white paint spatter, Prismacolor black pencil, Staedtler black lumocolor pencil, razor scrapings and various kinds of zip screens. The 11X14 art was finished on 3/18/2007.

Pencil sketch by Steven Berry

Ink Finishes by Bob Almond