The “Marvel Two-in-One Guy” returns to the Inkwell Gallery with this, his 4th commission with me and my 5th with Val Semieks. Drawing on the earliest Marvel Two-in-One team-ups in Strange Tales, he commissioned a reinterpretation to the cover of issue 128 (original by Kirby & Giacoia- see file 3) with the Thing & Human Torch facing off with the Scarlet Witch (my 11th) and Quicksilver. I used my typical bag of inking tricks plus some white paint spatter and smudges. This 11X17 image (and the next entry) was on 2-ply Marvel board with a tooth surface that I found challenging to ink on and only used limited brush on it. I sent it to the client on 2/18/2009.

Val Semieks’ pencil art

Bob’s ink art

Original published source material by Jack Kirby & Frank Giacoia