My 1st Spider-woman commission is also my 1st Mitch Foust job but it’s #36 for client Michael Rankins. Brush and Pitt brush marker was used but a lot of rendering was done with my other markers. I was asked by the client to add a wall in the background. So I took a zip of small bricks and scanned it in Photoshop, enlarging it. I then printed this up on an adhesive sheet and cut & applied it. This was not easy because the adhesive was so sticky, not low-tack like regular zip, so after cutting, lifting the sheet meant some of the surface of the image was peeling off, partially because the 2-ply board was inferior. So I had to redo some small areas. My only disappointment with how this worked out is that I wish that I’d enlarged the bricks more in Photoshop as they look too small still in scale with the figure. That and they look too blurry from the size-adjustment (meaning they’d be even blurrier to enlarge more). I finished this job on July 28, 2008.

Mitch Foust’s pencil art

Bob’s Inks