Welcome back, Jerry Livengood, the “Spider-Wing Guy”!! Jerry returns with a solo Spidey for his 2nd commission with me by the legendary George Perez, my first actual commission over the “Pacesetter”, and the artist who inspired me to get into the comics field in the first place! (I previously inked part of an Avengers image for pal Tom Smith that was later used as a tpb cover and I did a try-out over vellum of a Thunderbolts page by him to audition for the Avengers series volume 3.) This is my 2nd SOLO Spider-man commission but my 5th one counting those where he’s with or fighting other guys (6th if you count the Marvel Treasury Edition #18 cover recreation by Bob Budiansky). Inked as a blueline on 11X17 2-ply board, I used all my normal tools and wrapped this one up on 3/6/2009. *NOTE: I will count actual “Spider-Wing” jobs separately for those who care. *NOTE2: For those who care (again), whenever I say I’m printing an image in blueline on board, I’m currently using Joe Kubert School brand, 2-ply smooth.

George Perez’ pencil art

Bob’s Inks