French client Kriss Palma returns for his third commission here with a gathering of Marvel’s cosmic characters! Thomas Frisano, a French artist, is new to me but his style is based on the style of John Buscema which is not new to me. I think this is my fourth commission with the Silver Surfer but I believe Nova is new to the gallery and definitely Rom, Spaceknight is.

The client asked me to add a starscape behind the characters. I used mostly brush again to capture the retro- Buscema feel of the art, with some flourishes done in brush marker and markers, a smidgen of Hunt 102 for a few waist-based speed lines from Nova and for under Surfer’s board, and some white paint drybrush for Nova’s speed lines. Rendered over a blueline on 2-ply Kubert board, I wrapped up this fun job on April 20, 2013.

On June 9, 2015 I commissioned color artist Nate Lovett to color the image as a convention print.

Comic Art fans Gallery of Thomas Frisano:
DeviantArt gallery of Nate Lovett:

Thomas’ pencils

Bob’s inks

Colors by Nate Lovett