Client Aidan Lacy offered me his first commission from his ComicArtFans gallery theme of Re-Legion: Infinite Timelines. He asks artists to take various Legion of Super-Heroes characters from DC and various Marvel characters and has them compose a cover design based on a classic published cover by one of the two companies (homage, tribute). I may not be describing his theme properly so it may behoove the viewer to visit Aidan’s gallery and take a personal tour:

For this particular job, it’s based on the cover of DC’s Jimmy Olsen#115 by Neal Adams. Aidan explains: “…the Time Trapper is having Superboy Prime kill off alternate versions of the Legion, in this case M’on-el & Andromeda. As they are killed another timeline is destroyed. I moved the cover from a desert setting to an asteroid.” He asked me to add space/planets in the background to emphasize that they were on an asteroid. I left this space scene open instead of my usual black with white stars being spattered on because of the nature of the line work with Time Trapper and Super Boy.

This is a One-fer gallery entry as it’s a first for not only Aidan but also working with Emil and even for all of the characters involved. Emil’s pencil art was sent to me as a file and I converted it to a blueline and printed it up on 11X17 Kubert board. I used brush, brush marker, micron and Pitt markers, and some drybrush for the asteroid surface textures. A couple of slivers of zip-a-tone were used for the planetary overlap shadows. I completed it on Tax Day, April 15, 2013.

Emil Cabaltierra’s DeviantArt page:

Emil’s meticulous pencil art

Bob’s inks

Copy by Russell Payne

Classic cover art by Neal Adams