While working on BLACK PANTHER V3 #17 there was a glitch. Writer Christopher Priest had accidentally combined a possible sequence for a later issue (#22) into the final pages of script for issue 17. By the time they caught it Sal had already pencilled the four pages but I hadn’t received them yet to ink. It seemed odd at the time but CJP was known for non-linear storytelling so jumping around was par for the course and we dismissed it. Much later, first-time commission client but prolific original comic art collector Don Degracia hired me to ink this page which I did over a blueline digital file printed on 11X17 2-ply board. It shows the Wakandan Royal Palace in a flashback scene with a young T’Challa running towards it and a wise Zuri overseeing him to the left. I inked it in markers and used some fine white paint spatter over the backdrop cityscape for depth. It was finished on 12/17/2006. To read more about the 4 pages mentioned here please click here for my SPECIAL FEATURES section and scroll down

Pencils by Sal Velluto

Inks by Bob