At this show I took digital photos of art commissions but they don’t always come out clearly and I don’t bother shooting the pencil art because you usually can’t make it out later anyway. On Friday of the show (2/23/2007) I got Terrence Ceniza’s sketchbook and I was commissioned to ink over the Trevor Von Eeden sketch and I finished it the next day in the course of the show (this was my 3rd Von Eeden commission). On Saturday I got John Ramirez’ sketchbook and I was commissioned to ink over a Kirby-esque Iron Man sketch by Tony Salmons, my first experience over him, and I finished it later that day. I ink commissions at shows using Pitt brush markers and Pitt ‘S’ markers as well as microns for the fine details. Besides tightening up/ finishing the sketches I added the texture to the Batman sound effect and the Kirby Crackle to the Iron Man background. Both sketchbook were in the standard 8X11 size variety.

Iron Man by Tony Salmons & Almond

Batman by Trevor Von Eeden & Almond