“Uber-Namor fan Jeff makes a return to the Inkwell Gallery with his 4th Namor & Sue number. It’s my 2nd commission inking over Scott Jones and my 22nd for Jeff. He asked me if I could work out a way to make Sue look more defined as being partially under water. Scott’s pencils are on the top left (file 1) and my ink resolution is on the top right (file 2), and the two variant ideas are shown on the bottom row over photocopies. (But I admit that I do also like the bottom left version (file 3) almost as much as my top choice. The only “loser” is inking the pencils as is and adding some white dot zip over her parts under water (as opposed to the swirling water) -file 4). The request, though, was NOT the challenge for me, it was working on the 1-ply Blue-line brand board again- UGH! – It bleeds like hell! I used brush, markers, and various kinds of white & black dot zip. This 11X17 job was done on 4/6/2006.

Scott Jones’ pencils

Bob’s inks resolution w/ transitional dot zip

Bob’s variant inks w/ uniform dot zip

Bob’s variant inks w/ white dot zip