My 24th commission for Jeff, this is the 2nd “Namor & Namorita” combo that he’s sent to me to ink but it’s my 1st time inking Shane. I used brush, markers and a stone floor zip. This 11X17 image was on a 3-ply ‘rough’ board which may not take gestural or ruled line strokes as well as ‘smooth’ board, but it’s not too bad; it just adds some tooth to the lines. I tried using my quill Hunt 102 to rule the lines along the top but it didn’t work out so I just used markers instead. I’ve learned that a pencil artist may sometimes use a rough board to ‘guide’ the inker into using mostly brush over the art but this may not be the case here. This job was completed on 4/10/2006.

Pencils by Shane Peters

Inks by Bob