I didn’t own this comic but, regardless, the Marvel nostalgia alone gets me every time. For my 2nd job for “Marvel Two-in-One Guy” I was hired to ink over Val Semeiks, my 3rd time over him, in recreating the cover to MTIO ANNUAL #3 (1978), originally by possibly Sal Buscema & Frank Giacoia (couldn’t find the artists credited anywhere so that’s my best guess), spotlighting Nova & the Thing up against the Monitors (later and last seen in Mark Gruenwald’s QUASAR series), This 11X17 image on 3-ply board was inked with brush. markers, Pitt brush marker, white paint spatter, dry brush and white paint/black ink finger smudges. It was completed on 3/21/2008.

Val Semeiks’ pencil art

Bob’s ink art

Published cover source by possibly S.Buscema & F. Giacoia