Welcome back client Stu Neft for his sophomore contribution to the Inkwell commissions gallery, a cover recreation in blueline of the cover to Marvel Treasury Edition #18 pencilled by the original penciller, Bob Budiansky, my first chance at inking his work. The original was inked by Ernie Chan which I referred to but purposely didn’t try to simulate in regards to style. Consisting of appearances by Spidey, Ironfist, Angel, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Ghost Rider, Iceman and Werewolf by Night, this 11X17 job on 2-ply board was inked with brush, markers, Pitt brush marker and some white paint spatter and it was finished on 2/21/2008.

Bob Budiansky’s pencil art

Inks by Bob

The original cover by Bob Budiansky & Ernie Chan