MTIO guy struck yet again with this eighth MTIO-themed installment, this time a reinterpretation of the cover of Marvel Two-in-One#66 by Darryl Banks, the art originally by George Perez and Terry Austin for the issue that wrapped up the Serpent Crown Affair story arc. This is my eighth time inking Darryl, someone I’d wanted to ink for a while now, and handling the Thing and Scarlet Witch (my #13th) from an old favorite was an extra thrill. Darryl’s pencils are so tight and dark and with weights added that the inks are usually not much different. Inked with brush, Pitt marker, and microns on 11X17 2 or 3-ply board, this was completed on 7/1/10.

Darryl Banks CAF gallery:

Darryl’s pencils

Original published cover by Perez and Austin

Bob’s inks over Darryl’s pencils