This Iron Man was my 5th commission for this client and my 6th effort over M.C. Wyman. Like the Hulk vs.Thing piece that M.C. & I did some time back, this was a partial recreation of the cover to Iron Man # 100. I say “partial” only because the top of the original cover image, usually blank, where the title, lead character box and other copy is placed was cropped off here in order to ideally fit the image on this 9X12 board; but for all intents and purposes they are recreations. Out of respect I add the “After Starlin” after our signatures which is the industry standard for recreations and I plan to continue this practice for these types of pieces even though I forgot to do the same on the Hulk vs. Thing job. M.C. didn’t draw in the Kirby crackle and flash lines along the side edges from Starlin’s cover so I offered to add them for the sake of accuracy, an option which the client gladly agreed to. As a huge Starlin fan this job was an extra thrill, even if approached from a John Buscema angle in Wyman’s art. Inked in brush, markers, Pitt brush marker and textured zip, I completed the work on 6/2/04.

M.C.’s pencils”

Bob’s inks

Jim Starlin’s published cover art for Iron Man #100