At Heroes Con I was handed 2 commissions, both for client Koben Kelly whom I’d inked previously for on an Hourman over Sal Velluto at Motor City Con. One was a Firehawk sketch by Jamal Igle and the other a sketch by Andy Smith of Zatanna, my 2nd effort over both artists. I don’t have an image of Jamal’s pencils and I took a digital photo of the inked image. I filled in the blacks to Andy’s sketch at the show but took it home to finish which is why I have an inked scan of that version. Firehawk (9X12?) was inked with a Pitt brush marker & markers. Zatanna, on 11X14 2-ply board, was inked with brush and markers and some zip in the background box. FH was completed on 7/1/2006 and Zatanna on 7/16/2006.

Sketch by Andy Smith, partially inked

Bob’s inks

Firehawk by Igle & Almond