Toby Mays is the artist and client, a first for both. I’ve previously inked one Golden-age Green Lantern, some with the John Stewart GL in Damon Owens’ Brotherhood commissions, and one previous Hal Jordan GL, this one making it two. Here’s another example where I tweaked and enhanced the anatomy on the figure here while trying to retain the stylizations of the artist in order to produce something better than what I started with. Using my usual bag of inking tools, I inked this blueline image on 2-ply Kubert board on 2/21/11.

In the gallery link below at Toby’s website you’ll see that he makes a practice of inking over the pencil work of pro pencilers and commissioning pro inkers to ink his pencil work, as we did here in my gallery:

Inks by Bob Almond

Pencils by Toby Mays