My 3rd commission for Officer Mike White, this one is pencilled by his bud Mark McKenna. I’ve only inked 2 other inkers in this gallery to date, Bob McLeod and Dick Ayers, and they are also known for a lot of pencil work. But Mark, like me and other inkers, is known for a vast career of mostly embellishing. and it was fun doing this for both of us. Mark encouraged me to feel free to take liberties and I did, reluctantly. I didn’t want to diminish the integrity of his work but at the same time I wanted to bring something to the table and hopefully enhance what was already there. Thankfully, Mark agreed that I did so. This job with Hal Jordan & Kyle Raynor was inked with brush & markers on 11X17 board and finished on 2/13/2006.

Pencils by Mark McKenna

Inks By Bob