A huge welcome aboard to ComicArtFans gallery favorite Michael Finn, renowned throughout the cosmos as the “One Minute Later” guy! As the name implies, he commissions artists to render the subject matter of published covers a minute later, or with the theme “what happens next”? In this case, Michael contacted my longtime partner Sal Velluto & myself to take the 1st appearance of Marvel’s Black Panther from FANTASTIC FOUR #52 (1966) by Kirby & Sinnott and follow this theme. I worked from a blueline file of the pencil art on 2-ply board and inked the job with brush, markers and Pitt brush marker. I inked Sal’s copy with markers and Speedball nibs (and added in “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” and “Marvel Comics Group”). Incidentally, T’Challa’s words are from his interior dialogue. It’s my 22nd BP job but only my 2nd “classic” FF commission. I finished this 11X17 image on 4/15/2008. Michael then commissioned Randy Sargent to color it and that file arrived in my inbox on 4/28/2008.

Sal Velluto’s pencil art

Bob’s ink art

Randy Sargent’s digital colors

Original published source material by Jack Kirby & Joe Sinnott