I inked Kevin a little bit over 10 years ago at Marvel and we collaborated on more material at Malibu Comics for about a year and a half and we did a couple of unpublished covers for Acclaim a couple of years later but we haven’t really done any assignments since then. What little we’ve done is shown on page 17 (erroneous uploading chronological placement) of the gallery, the West Wolverine entry. We did 3 pin-ups on gallery page 3 two years ago but this is the first time anyone has commissioned both of us. This image with Marvel’s Falcon and DC’s Green Lantern (John Stewart) is my 34th job from Damon who asked me to add pupils to GL’s eyes. He says that he has another West job on the way. This 8.5X11 pencil art was inked with brush and marker and I finished it on 7/31/2005.

Kevin West’s pencil art

Bob’s Inks