It’d been a LONG time since Bob Shaw commissioned me 7 gallery pages ago but he more than made up for it by having me ink several images in his Death (of The Endless)-themed sketchbook. The pencils are (left-right, top tier): Paul Gould (2), Alex Saviuk (1), Alitha Martinez (1) and (left-right, bottom tier): Casey Jones (2) and Tania Del Rio (1). The numbers after the artist names stand for the number of times I’ve been commissioned to ink these artists. I inked Paul’s art mostly in marker, Alex’s mostly with brush, and the rest a combo of both tools. I’d only inked Dream’s sister one time before (also for Bob). These 9X12 pages, my 8th-12th requests by the client were finished on January 6, 2009 except for Tania’s done on 1/15/2008. As my art rep at the time I don’t think I asked for any compensation so these are more gifts than commissions.