While this is my 7th job for the Pillarella Brothers from Rubber Chicken Comics and my 2nd shot at Jeff Moy’s pencils, it is my 1st crack at Buffy! My family members and I are huge Mutant Enemy fans so whether it’s BUFFY, ANGEL, FIREFLY/SERENITY, DOLLHOUSE or Joss Whedon’s comics work we follow it. Jeff had Buffy posed with “Mr. Pointy” and a vampire in silhouette lunging at her. I felt that I could add more to the image than the circles in the background so I chose to spatter the backdrop in gradated black ink to play on the black figure as if it was materializing from out of the dark of night. I added some white paint spatter & smudges as an atmospheric element. I razor-scraped lines to make the vamop’s eyes more demonic & piercing and I added some zip to add stockings to her attire. I’m happy with the results. Inked with brush, markers & everything else mentioned above, this 8.5X11 image was completed on 7/18/2006.

Jeff Moy’s pencil art

Inks by Bob