This was my first effort over Ryan Odagawa but my 28th job for Damon. Occasionally Damon, and other clients, tinker with different themes. For example, Damon has played with one in the past using Golden-age characters. This one initiates a theme for a cross-company team of Damon’s choosing that he calls “The Brotherhood” consisting of all black characters. He also asks the artists to loosely use certain published covers as a composition template, in this case a cover of JLA from the 1970s. Going clockwise, they are Black Panther, Orpheus, Falcon, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Photon and Icon. Damon asked me for some minor art corrections such as beefing up Photon’s arms, making a larger eye slot for Falson’s mask, adjusting GL’s haircut and putting his ring on the correct finger. I inked this 11X17 piece with brush, markers and zip but I found the board to not have a good surface since I couldn’t peel the unused zip off without the surface of the board lifting so I had to use a glue stick and go back and make some corrections. I finished it on 6/23/2005.

Odagawa’s pencil art

Almond’s inks

Cover to JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA v1 # 91 by Neal Adams