I’ve commissioned artist Blake Wilkie on occasion to digitally color some of my pieces at reasonable prices to be prints at shows, but in this case (and perhaps in the future, we reciprocated our services so that I inked his pencil work here (file 1) for a job he colored for me. I sketched in more details and shadows prior to inking it (file 2). Then I finished it in ink and added in more shading on the top of the cape (file 3). Blake asked me to not add anything to the bat signal as he had a texture for it planned. I inked this 11X17 blueline image on 2-ply board with brush, Pitt brush marker, markers and some Hunt 102 quill. I completed my only 4th Batman in this gallery on May 23, 2008. Lastly, Blake colored it a few days later on May 9 (file 4).