This one is a debris-ridden doozy, which is par for the course when it comes to client Michael Finn! It’s my 7th commission for Michael and my 6th Avengers job, this time a “One Minute Later” version of the Lady Liberators cover from Avengers#83 originally by John Buscema and Tom Palmer. But why stop there when you can make this a double-page spread (DPS) and throw in enough details to compete with a Stephen Segovia-level commission! Michael askd me to make a few changes like making Quicksilver’s lightning bolt on his torso more prominent, fixing Vision’s head design, and removing spittle drawn on Goliath’s face. Besides doing that I removed Vision’s ears and edited Iron Man’s armor to look more accurate.

This is my first time inking over Jose Luis as another DPS job from Michael by Jose for a OML: Daredevil#16 slipped through my fingers because of a schedule delay on my part. Which is probably for the best as one can lose as much as two years of life-expectancy on these things-LOL! It’s also the first time Michael had me ink the original instead of a blueline which means he’s finally starting to trust me to not screw up;-) I inked this image with brush, micronmarkers, Pitt brush and size S markers, Hunt 102 quill, blood, sweat and tears. It was wrapped up on January 20, 2012.

Michael Finn’s CAF gallery page:

Jose’s pencils

Bob’s inks

The original cover by Buscema and Palmer compared to the OML version