My third Michael Finn “One Minute Later” commission, he continues to put me through the ink wringer;-) This time, I had to ink a wraparound ‘cover’ for the original cover of Amazing Spider-man by Al Milgrom. This is my second Hawbaker job, and the first one can be found waaaay back on page one of my archived gallery with Batman and the Joker, which was also a giant-sized commission piece. It’s my eighth Spidey commission if you count pieces with him as only or mostly as Peter Parker. But this is seemingly my first Black Cat, which seems odd to me as I would have sworn that I’ve inked her before in a commission. (The Golden-age Black Cat by James Lyle from three years prior doesn’t count.) The client asked me to alter Felicia’s over-sized breast proportions in both poses to something more realistic, and to remove her leather-protruding nipples. This kind of ‘plastic surgery’ request is something I’m used to doing for those who’ve followed my gallery, usually for pieces for client Michael Rankins. I used all of my usual inking paraphernalia to ink this one, which took me a longer time than usual to finish, but not nearly as long as the previous job by Segovia;-) But work by SCH is a pleasure because it’s probably my closest experience to inking Neal Adams’ style of penciling. I was finished on January 20, 2011.

Michael Finn’s CAF gallery entry:

Pencils by Samuel Clarke Hawbaker

Inks by Bob Almond

Colors and text copy by Chris Ivy