Welcome back to my second commission from new client Ray “Duffy” Wilson, this time over a new pencil artist to these here parts: Heubert Khan Michael. And, hard to believe, but this is only my third X-men ‘team’ commission (those that aren’t solo X-men images or aren’t members of Damon Owens’ Brotherhood). This team shot showcased Colossus, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde and her pet dragon Lockheed in a swashbuckling pirate scene (possibly a Danger Room program).

This time I had something to really sink my teeth into as it was a blueline double page spread/splash (DPS) which I printed up on 2-ply Kubert Art Board. Even though Heubert is an artist who pencils with meticulous detail, including adding hints of ‘Morse Code-style inking’ (dots & dashes), I found myself inking most of this image, about 75%, in brush (my Raphael Kolinsky 8404 size 2). The other 25% included my various markers, Hunt 102 pen for the flash lines in Kurt’s teleportation cloud effect, and a modest share of white and black ink spatter and black finger smudges (again, all related to Kurt “bamfing” in).

I finished this DPS on 10/24/15.

Heubert’s DeviantArt page: http://wrathofkhan.deviantart.com

Heubert’s pencils

Bob’s inks