It’s been 7 months since I last added a new entry to my commission gallery. And the only reason I am doing so is because I had a break between jobs and wanted to complete three commissions that’d been on hold all that time for client Michael Finn. For this reason the descriptions will be mostly STATS ONLY because I have little memory of details regarding these images being inked.

*This is my 13th “One Minute later”/OML themed commission for Michael.
*This was my first time inking the penciler Chris Campana.
*My 7th Daredevil commission and most-likely my first Man-bull.
*The source material, the cover to Daredevil#129, was from January 1976 and the original art team was Rich Buckler & Klaus Janson.
*Pencils were on 11X17 2-ply board. I used brush, markers, Hunt 102 pen, brush marker, white paint spatter and white paint finger print smudges.
*I finished this work on April 2, 2016.

Chris Campana on DeviantArt:

Chris’ pencils

Bob’s inks

Original cover art by Buckler & Janson next to completed OML inks by Bob with cover copy added.