At this 2006 New York Comic Con I tried to take digital pics of art commissions but they don’t always come out clearly as can be seen in Mike’s pencil art. A fan commissioned Mike Lilly to pencil an 11X17 full figure of Vampirella and for me to ink it. This was inked with Pitt brush markers & micronmarkers on 2/26/2006. I was asked to do a free ink sketch in a fan’s 9X12? sketchbook. Being a fan of Priest, Sal & my BLACK PANTHER run and already owning a BP sketch he wanted someone different and we ultimately chose the Deadly Nightshade. Not the best work I’ve done but it is a quickly-drawn piece, one that has an eye slightly off-center. It was rendered in Pitt brush and micron markers and done on 2/25/2006. I took a photo of another inked piece sketched by Wes Craig (THE BATMAN STRIKES!) with my client, Eric Mosher, as a Green Lantern beside his wife as an anniversary present.It was about 8.5X11. Lastly, client Ben Herman commissioned Mike to do General Grevious in his sketchbook and then he commissioned me to embellish it. It was about 8.5X11 or 12X14, rendered with the same kind of markers as the rest. Thanks, guys!

Mike Lilly pencil sketch of Vampirella

Bob Almond inks over Mike’s Vampirella

Bob’s silly Nightshade sketch

Bob’s inks over a Wes Craig sketch

Bob’s inks over Mike’s sketch of General Grevious