Larry Clay returns to the gallery with this 13th job for me and my 1st FULL Tuska commission as the last one I did was only one character, the Vision, in an Avengers group shot which was an inker jam meaning larry had a different ink artist ink each character, also from Larry. At 93 years young George is still packin’ a wallop with his pencils as seen here where he renders perhaps the guy he’s most known for drawing, Iron Man, after like a decade on the Marvel series, battling an armed robot. I inked this with my usual supplies but also used some white spatter and scraped a dull X-acto blade on the board, both to enhance the impact of the punch. I finished this 11X14 art on 2-ply board on April 12, 2009. WHAM!!!!

George Tuska’s pencil art

Bob’s Inks