This is commission # 89 from Damon Owens but not only that, it’s the 19th Brotherhood-themed commission and also a sub-theme of ‘Brother Solo’, and the 4th one for that category. It’s my third time inking artist Arvell Malcolm Jones but I believe it’s my first time inking the character ‘Technique’, who debuted at Milestone Comics on Hardware#9 by artist…wait for it…Arvell Malcolm Jones!

Compared to the last two times I inked Arvell, I embellished this image more than I started with. The character is reasonably the same, but I wasn’t found of the sketched in debris on the right side so to add a more structured composition and almost frame the character I redefined the content, added some blacks to it (including the top smoke textures) which contrasted the lady who had few to no solid black in her form, a nice balance.

The supplied 2-ply board bled a little bit but it didn’t really hinder my efforts. The tools used were many: Raphael Kolinsky#8404 size 2 brush, Pitt brush marker, micronmarkers, Pigma Graphic 1 marker, Copic wide marker, graded dot zip-a-tone, black ink spatter, white ink spatter, black finger prints, white finger prints, X-acto razor blade scrapings and two types of sponges with different textures. (I think the only tool I didn’t use was my Hunt 102 quill.)

This commission was completed September 9, 2016.

Arvell’s pencil work

Bob’s ink work