The last time I did a commission with both Marvel’s the Thing and the Hulk was this cover re-interpretation by Marvel Two-in-One Guy as penciled by Sal Velluto: but my official gallery chronicler Damon Owens reminded me that I’d inked another Thing vs Hulk commission, also by M.C. Wyman! And also by the same client (see below)! But, as the client informed me, while the first slugfest between these two was a tribute to the cover of Fantastic Four#112 by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott, this one was a slightly less obvious, but no less cooler, tribute to the cover of Giant-Size Super Stars #1 by Rick Buckler and Joe Sinnott!

This is my 14th Wyman commission to date. He is my 3rd most-inked commission penciler after #2 Michael Dooney who’s only two ahead of Wyman now. It’s my tenth Hulk commission (if you count the floating head from the first link I cited here above) and my 20th Thing commission! But the most-impressive statistic is that this is the long-awaited return of client Larry Clay to my Inkwell Gallery since 2009 with this entry from my archived gallery before I had the website revamped!
Larry, welcome back, pal, with your 14th piece listed!

The art was on 11X14 2-ply board and I inked it with brush, micron markers, Pitt marker, some white paint spatter and some black ink spatter. It was completed on 9/4/13.

Pencils by M.C. Wyman

Inks by Bob Almond

Inspiration the commission was based on by Buckler & Sinnott