This job marks a long-awaited return from my most-prolific client Damon Owens. This, his 49th piece inked by me, is my 1st time inking veteran penciller Luke McDonnell, but the character is very familiar to me. While it may count as my 20th Black Panther commission, it is, in actuality, not T’CHalla but his father, T’Chaka. I didn’t work on BLACK PANTHER v3 #30 (regardless of what the incorrect cover credits say) so Sal designed a look for T’Chaka on the cover in his BP garb but then fill-in artist Norm Breyfogle designed another look, which is the one you see here. I worked with markers, Pitt brush marker and brush on this 8.5X11 image and I finished it on 11/14/2007. Coming soon: Damon’s Big 50!

Pencil art by Luke McDonnell

Inks by Bob