A premiere threefer with this commission: my first Saturn Girl by my first Joe Prado for first time client Tyler Nygaard. This 11X17 art was on DC/Vertigo 2-ply board. The medium was ok…not always easy to use markers on but I’ve dealt with MUCH worse. I used brush, Pitt markers (brush and superfine), microns, and Hunt 102 quill. I added the background in the box to enhance the effect of her using her telepathic powers to boost the sense of gravitas and enchantment. I used to have a perfect zip-a-tone of concentric circles just right for this look but I used it up ages ago (although I do still have most of my zip sheets going back 18 years!). So I used a compass and found objects like plates or bowls for the circles. Not perfect but it got the job done. This sexy Legionnaire was completed on September 23, 2009.


Pencil art by Joe Prado

Inks by Bob Almond