I am not yet informed on the specifics for this Re-Legion commission and will know more when the client posts it in his CAF gallery. But I can say that it’s both my 4th Re-Legion commission for Aidan Lacy and my fourth time inking Ian (Rico) Richardson. It’s very labor-intensive but leaves you with great results. I used mostly my markers on this one and my brush for the rest, something I was rusty using since I’ve been distracted with preparing the end of the Inkwell Awards season and Heroes Con for the past month. There was a tiny bit of black finger smudges used for the Kirby Crackle to simulate the rendering on some of them in pencil. I completed this one on July 3rd, 2015.

Ian Richardson on DeviantArt: http://pencilsandstrings.deviantart.com/

Ian’s pencils

Bob’s inks