This is my sixth Brendan Hood commission but my first time inking penciler Scott McDaniel. As inker Phil Moy yesterday stated on Facebook after I posted the image, he said it looked a bit like Rick Leonardi’s work, another penciler that I’ve not yet had the honor to work over….and I can see what he means style-wise. This is my third solo Nightwing job (4th if you count the job where he’s paired with Spidey) but this cover-style image has him up against the villainous Torque (the guy with his head on backwards) in a Bludhaven police shootout. Inked as a blueline, I worked on 11X17 Joe Kubert 2-ply board and used all of my usual tools as well as some white correction fluid (Pro-white) spatter, some subtle white dry brush, and a tiny bit of x-acto blade scraping. I finished this work on March 15, 2011. The client sent me a file of Tom Chu’s colors on 3/28/11.

Scott McDaniel’s website:
Tom Chu’s DeviantArt page:

Pencils by Scott McDaniel

Inks by Bob Almond

Tom Chu’s color art