It’s been a while since we’ve seen more Namor images from my client Jeff but here we resume his run with his 17th job inked by me. This shot of Namor & his eternal crush, Sue Richards/Invisible Woman (of the Fantastic Four), was my second effort inking over Jonboy Meyers. He actually inked the contours of the characters (& debris) in thick marker with a sort of Adam Hughes-style, mono-weight line. While inking it I cleaned up some bumpy parts of the line & the only minor thing that I adjusted was Sue’s eyebrows from black to white to hint at her blonde hair. This 11X17 commission was inked with brush & markers and finished on 2/2/2006. Jeff commissioned Tom Smith to digitally color it which was completed by March 2006.

Pencils by Jonboy Meyers

Inks by Bob Almond

Colors by Tom Smith