For my 3rd commission from “MTiO Guy” I got another Perez (& Day” original as inspiration from MTiO #65 (1980). Teamed-up again with Val Semeiks for our 4th go at it, we recreated the classic undersea battle between Thing & Triton and the 2nd Serpent Squad with the Serpent Crown at stake. Incidentally, in this version, Black Mamba replaces their leader, Sidewinder (assumingly in the ship). Inked with brush, markers and some white dot zip-a-tone, this image, again on 1X17 3-ply Devil’s Due stock, was finished in ink by 3/27/2008. God, I hate bubbles!

Val Semeiks’ pencil art

Bob’s ink art

Original published source material by George Perez & Gene Day