I’d like to make an honored welcome to “Marvel Two-in-One Guy” as he adds his 1st commission to the Bob Almond Inkwell commission gallery section. MTIOG commissions artists to recreate MTIO covers from yesteryear but in their own interpretation of those images. This was cool for me since I’m a fan of George Perez AND Joe Sinnott and I bought this issue (#52 from 1979) originally and I still have it. It was cool for Sal since it had Moon Knight who he had a memorable run on as penciller on the previous 1989 series title. My 36th commission over Sal, I inked this with brush & markers and a little bit of drybrush (Sal did all the copy). I finished this 11X17 image on 2-ply Marvel cover stock on 3/17/2008.

Sal Velluto’s pencils

Bob’s inks

The published cover source by George Perez & Joe Sinnott