This One Minute Later commission from Michael Finn is my fourth, and one that teams me up with a new addition to my gallery, a golden-age to bronze-age legend, Jack Katz. His mainstream comic book career spanned from 1943-55 and he returned to it in ’69, soon leading to his creation of one of the earliest independent comics series The First Kingdom. For this commission Michael had Jack render characters familiar to him from his early years. Mac Raboy illustrated the original cover to Master Comics#22 (1942) which introduced Captain Marvel, Jr. Jack’s cover has Bulletman and CMJr. taking a breather after the fight and hooking up with Bulletgirl. Some have called me a comic historian but I would debate that because my knowledge is mostly silver-age Marvel to the present. So when this pencil file image was sent my way, I was unfamiliar with him and it looked like the work of a contemporary artist. I had no idea that the artist was 83 in age as the pencils were impressive, which is a quality that’s hard to maintain when you’ve reached that age after decades of work. I did make some anatomical enhancements however. Inked on 2-ply Kubert board with the usual inking tools, I wrapped this piece up on 2/16/11.

Michael Finn’s CAF gallery entry:

Original cover by Mac Raboy and Jack’s OML pencils

Pencils by Jack Katz (better file)

Inks by Bob Almond