This was a debut piece for client Gerald Van Cammack II but certainly not for my inks over Sal Velluto (this is my 41st)!
Gerald asked us to do a cover recreation of a 1967 silver-age DC cover originally by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson with an Earth-2 depiction of Robin saving the JSA (Hourman, Wonder Woman, and Mr. Terrific) from Gem Girl, How Chu, Money Master, and Smashing Sportsman (hey, I don’t name ’em, just report ’em;-)) More of a cover re-interpretation, we rendered this on 11X17 2-ply DC cover stock which had a somewhat textured surface to it. It took my brush fine and even the Pitt brush marker and Hunt 102 quill, but it was trickier with micron and Pitt markers.
I tweaked the character details to closer match the originals and used some white and black drybrush. My first JLA/JSA commission image was completed on 1/21/10.

Original cover by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson  

Pencil art by Sal Velluto

Ink art by Bob Almond