I was commissioned at the Boston Expo in November 2002 to ink a piece from the client’s selection of various penciled Hawkeye commissions. I chose this one since Warren, besides being a fine illustrator within or without the comic book biz for years, had a 3 1/2 year working relationship to date, assisting me with inking assignments (most notably on the Black Panther run) yet I’d never inked over his pencil work before. Warren’s pencils were from a project in 1996 where he was hired to render that year’s series of Marvel Overpower cards. They printed the card art from his pencils which they airbrushed the color over. But the client wanted the art to have that special inked finish given to it and he came to me and, always the Avengers fan, I was more than happy to oblige. The art was on a letter-sized board which I inked about 50/50 with brush and markers. It was completed on 1/7/03.

Warren’s pencils

Inks By Bob