This is my fourth commission for Australian-based client Daniel Best (who’s also a former founding committee member on my Inkwell Awards and a present contributor). It’s my sixth Green Lantern (in this case, the Hal Jordan version) and seventh if you count him included with the GL Corps. I =think= it’s my second time inking Norm, the first time being for Danny as well, over a Phantom image.

This 11X17 job was inked as a blueline on 2-ply Kubert Store smooth board and it looks like it was meant to be published for DC for Spectre#27, page 1, but I don’t know the history of the work to know if it was unpublished or originally uninked with the official inker doing it up as a blueline.

I had a lot of fun doing this because my first pro work was with cosmic characters so whenever I get to handle a neat space scene I simply go to town on it, and Norm didn’t disappoint. I used a lot of my size 3 Raphael Kolinsky brush, Pitt brush marker, some micron markers, Hunt 102 quill, black dot zip-a-tone, white paint spatter and some black china marker/crayon (like I said ‘go to town’). I finished the commission on April 28, 2013.

Norm’s pencils

Bob’s inks