Stats only entry:
*Jason Norek: 4th commission
*Green Lantern: 3rd but first Kyle Raynor
*Casey Jones: 6th time inking over this penciler
*Tools: brush, micronmarkers, Pitt markers, Pitt brush
marker, Copic black sketch marker, white ink spatter,
dot zip, china marker (crayon pencil).
*Comments: I was asked by the client to add a background so’
of course I decided on a starscape, something I love
doing as it brings me back to my roots over 20 years
ago. This meant, however, that I had to omit Casey’s
FX and add my own using a black copic marker with white
paint. The 11X17 2-ply board was not receptive to my
using a quill, causing bleeding, so I had to use
marker or brush marker instead.
*Completion: July 7, 2012
*Link: Casey Jones on DeviantArt:

Casey’s pencils

Bob’s inks