I had all of the A First Salvo unpublished art posted on my Special Features section from circa 2006-7. But sadly, they didn’t make the transition to the new site when archived. So since it’s all been posted at Comic Art House by Bob Shaw who reps me, I figured I’d try to remedy the matter by posting the two links to my section at his site (below) so viewers can check out the images and blow up the thumbnails. Saga Six: Thirst was pencilled by Sal Velluto and we completed a 16-page story. Saga Six: Echoes was another 16-page story but I only inked 5-pages (I think my pal Mark Mckenna inked the rest). I also did a Sal pin-up and two pin-ups from pencil art by their staff members like Anthony Cannonier and publisher Thad Branco. I went off to ink A Nightmare on Elm Street for Wildstorm and when I came back they had me ink Danger’s Dozen: Powerplay over British artist John Royle. It was intended as a serialized digital comic series in eight-page chapters but the plug was pulled after chapter three. But I was able to squeak out a DD cover over Sal before the end. (Note: that Wolalina pin-up is not from A First Salvo…it has it’s own entry in my new gallery). I’d done a lot of work with Sal and Kevin before but I enjoyed the Royle art because he had this Erik Larsen look to me and I’d never inked anything like that before. C’est la vie!