Daredevil is my 7th job for Michael Rankins but my first time over Michelangelo. The client did not want me to keep the moon background and asked me to come up with something else. After doing seven thumbnails Michael & I agreed to the one posted. The fan in me came out and I added some classic silhouettes to the cityscape like the Bater Building, the Kingpin’s penthouse tower and even classic DD foe the Stilt-man! I’m pleased with how I handled my first crack at MA even though I struggled with the “Al Rio” board that was used…not that you can tell here, but there was some bleeding and while using low-tack frisket for the ink spatter, much of the ink and board lifted with the frisket sheet. For this job I utilized markers, brush, black ink spatter and white ink spatter for the starscape. After some clean-up this 11X17 commission was completed on 12/12/2005.

Pencils by Michelangelo Almeida

Bob’s Inks