This piece was done some time back but the client has asked me to hold on to posting his commissions until after he debuts them at his CAF gallery. Following his legendary theme of ‘One Minute Later’ where the original cover is recreated to take place as an action one minute later, in Michael Finn’s 4th commission in my gallery, the original was Daredevil & the Black Widow#95 by Gil Kane and Tom Palmer with the protagonists attacked by the Man-bull. It’s the fourth time I’ve done ol’ hornhead but it’s a first for Matt’s then lady love Natasha and for his old rogue the Man-bull. This image was rendered by penciler Romano Mollenaar tonally in pencil which makes it difficult to ink traditionally in ink so I decided to go for the long process of grey wash which isn’t something I’m savvy about but I thought I pulled it off just swell. It was completed on 2/27/11 and later colored by Chris Ivy.

Michael Finn’s CAF gallery:

Pencils by Romano Mollenaar

Inks by Bob

Bob’s inks with Chris Ivy adding the cover copy and the original color cover art by Kane and Palmer for comparison

Chris Ivy’s color art